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Empower Women for Change is always searching for passionate and kind individuals to join our team. 

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EWfC volunteers’ journeys

Lababa’s journey

My name is Lababa Naqvi. I’m a single Mum of two amazing children. Im originally from Pakistan and moved to UK in October 2017. Everything was new here and I didn’t know anyone. Through luck I came to know about EWFC and I started volunteering immediately in 2018 and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me. I met some amazing and talented people in EWFC, made life long sincere friends which is something beyond great. After volunteering for a few months I became a staff member of EWFC.

I have had my ups and downs in life and there came a point where I started questioning my own worth. Although I am a Fine Artist and I have been teaching Art for more than 10 years I started feeling as if im losing my confidence. But I must say that EWFC has done wonders for me. The amazing staff welcomed me and gave me their full support in everything I did. My boss Asma Abdillah was truly a God Sent! May God Bless her as the amount of support that she gave me and the trust and the confidence that she had in me played a life changing part in my life.

My journey from volunteering to becoming a staff member of Empower Women for Change has been nothing but Amazing. It helped me improve and boost my self-confidence, it gave me purpose and life satisfaction. I developed new skills, gained knowledge, developed the right attitude towards making the right decisions for myself.

Through EWFC I got a chance to attend several useful trainings and workshops which enhanced my skills. I got a chance to learn to organise, conduct and facilitate many workshops and the experience and feedback have been beautiful.

Lara’s journey

I am a friendly and approachable person who is passionate to gain practical experience, learn new skills to enhance employability.  As an active member of the EWFC, I am well placed as one of the board members.  

My over three years with Empower Women for Change I have gained some transferable skills and a sense of belonging within the community I am working with range of different audiences including school groups, families, and community groups and those requiring additional support was key to my role at the David Livingstone Birthplace Museum.  

I actively engage with in several forums through the community for example within the African Forum. Consequently, I am well versed about the EWFC.I have an in-depth knowledge of the different types of training, the importance of feedback from both trainers and the speakers. 

Been part of the Board, it gives me a privilege to make difference and build on my existing network to ensure all members gain some transferable skills for example through my community engagement. 

My journey from volunteering to becoming a staff member of Empower Women for Change has been nothing but Amazing. It helped me improve and boost my self-confidence, it gave me purpose and life satisfaction.

Lababa Naqvi

Fizza’s journey

I am FizzaI am a mum of two beautiful children. I have been working with Empower women For Change since 2018. Thistles & Dandelions is our first heritage project, I am working as a community engagement officer for this project. I love working with EWFC as I have gained confidence, various life skills, experience of working with different organizations, through EWFC I have attended several trainings which has helped me in my personal development moreover I have met some amazing people and made friends, strong bonds and connections with women. This experience has opened different horizons of opportunities for me and made me realize that nothing is impossible to achieve if you work hard and stay consistent in order to achieve your dreams.  

EWFC has given me a real sense of my abilities by acknowledging that having children should not be barrier in the way of your development rather working around your family life is a real privilege. Here at EWFC we are all working hard to minimize the barriers that women face on daily basis and to make your experience memorable and enjoyable  


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