Empower Women for change was formed in 2015 in response to the growing needs of diverse women in Scotland where gaps in support were identified in relation to the empowerment and advancement of women’s rights and active participation in all aspects of civil, economic and political settings. 

The EWfC Management Committee represents active diverse women from across Scotland and with essential skills, genuine commitment and extensive experience in community development and equality that complements our objectives and enables us to contribute not only to supporting the diverse women but also the whole social justice agenda in Scotland and beyond. 

Our mission:

To inspire and empower the diverse minority women through advancing their leadership in all aspects of life. 

EWfC team

Asma Abdalla

The founder and chairperson

Asma Abdalla is the founder and chairperson of Empower Women for Change. With over 35-years of work experience, ranging from working in research and public policy development to the management of numerous programmes related to climate change, renewable energy & sustainable development, human rights and women’s empowerment in Sudan, Belgium and Scotland. After establishing the organisation in 2015, Asma built and nourished the organisation to what it is now. She is massively supportive and the first point of contact not only for EWfC service users, but also to all of the organisation’s staff members and volunteers. 

Vera Hayibor

Development Officer (The Low

Carbon Community Project)

Vera Hayibor is a Ghanaian student currently studying for her PhD in Law at the University of Glasgow.  She has a master’s degree in International Law and Sustainable Development She is,  therefore, sustainability conscious and extremely passionate about the environment, especially waste. She loves nature, movies, football, travelling and socialising. She wants to urge us all to donate, reuse, recycle and up-cycle to save our planet from choking to death on Carbon.

Kaneez Fizza 

Community Engagement Officer

(Thistles & Dandelions Project)

Fizza is from Glasgow, mum of two beautiful children, originally from Pakistan Her role is to empower women, support them and help them reach their potentialities. She admires women’s commitment and hard work. Our beauty lies in our smiles, let’s all smile and fill this world with peace, happiness and harmony.  Fizza loves travelling, making new friendsmuseums, cookingpainting and most importantly love nature ,water and family. 

Romy Galloway 

Community Engagement Officer

(Thistles & Dandelions Project)

Romy works in heritage and the arts and enjoys working on projects that improve people’s access and enjoyment of these. She likes to work with archives and museums to share interesting stories and objects that bring people together. She is a painter and really enjoys seeing others get creative and collaborating, but by far her biggest love is good coffee and a chat.

Lababa Naqvi 

Art Projects Coordinator

Lababa is a fine artist by profession. She is a sessional worker at Empower Women for change. Lababa is a single mum of two amazing kids. Her life revolves around her children, family, friends and, of course, her art. She wishes to spread the message of love, peace and kindness through artistic expression. Lababa gets energy and motivation from helping people and this is something she has always loved to do. 

Margaret Daly

Development Officer (The Low Carbon Community


Margaret is experienced in urban planning & design and very supportive of projects which promote the protection and enhancement of the built and natural environment. She is strongly passionate in place-making with a strong desire to empower communities in identifying their skills, assets, and opportunities within their local environment.

Hailey Maxwell

Project Manager (Thistles &


Hailey is Project Manager of the Thistles & Dandelions Project. Her background is in art history and working to end violence against women. Hailey is from Glasgow but her family has roots in Ireland and on the Isle of Mull. She is passionate about cats, books, heritage and the transformative power of women working together.

Mirella Arcidiacono

Volunteer Coordinator (Thistles &


Mirella is Italian with a mixed background from the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. She moved to Scotland nearly 13 years ago, it was meant to be a one year experience, but she felt in love with Glasgow. Mirella is very passionate about culture and arts. In her spare time, she loves cooking; her friends would say that is more an obsession. It’s something that her mum gave to her and that she treasures deeply.

Lisa Boonsanong

Project Coordinator (The Low

Carbon Community Project)

Lisa is the Project coordinator for The Low Carbon Community Project. She has an MSc Waste and Clean Technologies and she is very keen to help people make the correct environmental choice when it comes to behavioural change and reducing Carbon. In her free time she runs a lot and loves cycling, swimming, hiking, camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

Nughmana Mirza

Volunteer Coordinator (Thistles

& Dandelions Project)

Nughmana is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Thistles and Dandelions project. She is a Scottish Muslim Pakistani woman and loves telling stories and learning about peoples lives and journeys. She enjoys community work and empowering women through shared experiences, conversations and learning. 

Rūta Žulpaitė

Communication Coordinator

Rūta is responsible for communication related work in EWfC. She is Lithuanian and has been living in Scotland for the past 5 years. Rūta has a video production background, so you can often spot her taking photographs or creating some other visual content. She absolutely adores nature and animals, therefore, she strongly stresses the importance of seeking climate justice.  

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