Opened as a part of the Low Carbon Community Project our Swap Shop is open from 11am to 1pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Everyone are welcome to donate, swap & take. This is an amazing chance to help people in need, reduce the carbon emissions and renew your wardrobe!

**Important: Due to COVID-19 only one person is allowed at the time for a maximum 15 minutes. Everyone has to bring their own bags for donations.**

Find us: Empower Women for Change, Station House, First Floor, Suite 1/1, 34 St Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4DF.


so far:

kg of clothes donated to the Swap Shop during the whole project
tones of Carbon saved

Our Swap Shop started working in July, and has been open every Tuesday and Thursday since in line with the EWfC food support opening hours. We have diverted a total of 1009.7 kg of clothes and accessories going to land fill between the 21st of July till the 8th of December. This is a carbon saving of 28.1 Tonnes. 

The Swap Shop has been a life saver to many ethnic minority people that did not have any warm clothing or bedding. It helped a lot families to get ready for a cold winter. 

It has also gave a very great opportunity for people that have been having a clear out during lockdown and needed to donate their clothes. 

Swap Shop became a place where everyone could exchange positivity, good emotions and help each other. 

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