EWfC Projects

We are currently working on many exciting projects and collaborations.

– Thistles & Dandelions Project 

Project’s aim is to highlight the  Glasgow women’s history in the last 50–100 years in terms of women’s role and contribution to their households and communities both domestically and/or economically. which has been largely hidden from the general public, especially ethnic minority communities.

The Thistles and Dandelion project is a one year project funded by Heritage Lottery 2020/21

– The Low Carbon Community Project

The project will be run by Empower Women for Change to help ethnic minority women in the south-west of Glasgow to reduce carbon emissions associated with travel and household textile waste. Free project activities will include a women’s cycling club, eco-driving training, household textiles waste upcycling and a swap shop. The project will also offer workshops to help volunteers and the local community to increase their knowledge of climate change.

Is funded by Climate Challenge Fund for one year (20/21)

– COVID-19 Community Support Projects

1. Ongoing Counselling and Mental Health Support

2. Digital Inclusion Online Workshops

3. Providing food and other goods to vulnerable people