EWfC Past Projects



The Talent Within (2017)

About the project:

Funded by Awards For All Scotland, Big Lottery Fund, the project aims to empower, equip and support African and ethnic minority women in Glasgow to identify their skills, strengths and what they can offer to their families, communities and the overall Scottish society.

Workshops Delivered:

Confident you!; The Power of Happiness; Civic Participation; Equality Act 2010; Social Enterprise; Mindfulness and colouring for relaxation.


Social Enterprise Workshop

For the first time I heard about the social enterprise, which is a good opportunity to integrate the community.

I will like to join social enterprise to promote and build my confidence in selling and buying of goods.

Social Enterprise becomes an unbreakable success chain as you are always giving back to the community. Even if you yourself do not achieve your goals, others who will get involve with you will take something back with them.

Civic Participation Workshop

This training has helped me to understand in getting involved in consultation, develop my skills and confidence.

I have learned the impact of not voting out, our small actions can impact our community in big ways and we all have different resources, if we put together we can createn change.

I have learned how to get involved in communities and the speaker is excellent.

Equality Act 2010 training

I really enjoyed because it is interesting topic about the equality act 2010, even I did not know about it, it gave me more power to report anything that will happen to me from now.

It was a good opportunity to learn about equal opportunity for women and it was very helpful.

I enjoyed the session Equality Act 2010 was well explained, knowing your rights and how to act if you were discriminated in any way make you feel safe.


I like the mindfulness course, I am going to practice now that I have learned a bit from it.

The workshop was good, I enjoy even my little girl 3 years enjoyed mindfulness from Fizza.

Cohesive Cultures and Heritage in Action (2017)

Funded by BEMIS as part of 2017 Scottish Year of History Heritage and Archeology (YHHA), Cohesive Culture and Heritage in Action (CCHiA) is the EWFC first project. It was aimed at celebrating Scotland’s rich diversity, culture and heritage and how it interacts and relates to other cultures. Our project has been successful in creating and facilitating the opportunity and environment for cohesive, friendly and happy cultural interaction.

We gathered wide range of diverse Scottish, African, Asian and European Migrant communities together. We have arranged an informal conversation with two community activist presenters (Scottish African and a Scottish /European Migrant) who inspired and encouraged a vibrant interactive and interesting debate on two subjects:

  • The history of diverse Glasgow with the focus on Glasgow’s role of supporting South Africans during their struggle against the Apartheid ( presented by the Sudanese Mr Elhkatim Abdalla “Real Scot”)
  • Shared food from diverse cultures presented by Mrs Verene Nicolas.

The Cohesive Cultures and Heritage event strengthened participnats’ sense of citizenship and showed how proud, cohesive and diverse Scottish communities are. Also, it  improved the confidence and assertiveness of ethnic minority women by observing talented and assertive speakers and an interesting debate.


Very insightful talk about a “real Scot”, quite empowering for me.

I‘m happy that I have come to the event, it was very interesting and useful, I also got to know new people and make friends, I would like events like this to continue.

Although I missed half of the event but I loved it, the talk about Nelson Mandela was great and very empowering, I loved the singing and dancing, I would like to attend more.

The event was good we need more of this as women to come together.







EWfC Body Vision Project – Celebrating a Year of Young People (2018)