Glasgow University Research Project

Scotland in Lockdown: How has COVID-19 measures affected your life?

Empower Women for Change is  proud to announce our partnership with Glasgow University on its research on the health and social  impact of COVID-19 measures on the lives of vulnerable communities in Scotland. We as an organisation have over the years worked on different projects to support women and our local ethnic minority community highlighting their challenges and helping them achieve their potential. This project adds up to our COVID-19 support projects and we aim to further bring to light the contributions of our community and challenges faced as a result of COVID-19.

From the four focus groups of the research which are

• Refugee/asylum process involved and facing destitution (RAD) • Disability or chronic health condition (DHC)
• Criminal justice involved (CJS)
• Domestic abuse or sexual violence risk/survivor (DASV)

We will especially in involved in voicing impact of COVID-19 measures on refugee and asylum seekers.