Current projects

Online course ‘Burst the Bubble’

This online course aims to highlight the impact of algorithms in the way we consume news and information online. We will focus on search engines such as google and social media platforms such as Facebook to understand our access to knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  • Define “filter bubble” and explain how it occurs.
  • Reflect on the limitations and drawbacks that filter bubbles cause.
  • Identify strategies for escaping their own filter bubbles and evaluating the credibility of information.

Contact us and register for the course by emailing or by contacting us on Facebook! The course starts in April.

Previous projects

COVID-19 Digital Inclusion Workshops & Digital Support

EWfC has been delivering general digital support and Digital Inclusion Workshops online during months of June, July & August. 

Outcomes & Results:

I feel that now it is very hard to find some help, so thank you for helping me at this hard time.

I learned a lot and enjoyed every bit of the class. What I like the most is how to schedule a meeting on Zoom. We had the best tutors. Thanks a lot, it was really worth doing.

It is great way to see my friends after a long time. We haven’t seen each other since the start of March, thank you very much for this chance.

Thank you very much, the sessions are very pleasant. I feel more confident when I use my phone.