Thistles & Dandelions Project 

We are excited to present our first heritage project, ‘Thistles and Dandelions’ which aims to celebrate the history of Glasgow’s women over the last 50–100 years and to support ethnic minority women to develop heritage skills.

EWFC has strong partnerships with heritage organisations through these, we have developed a yearlong programme with local museums, libraries and other cultural organizations with whom we will deliver accessible workshops and training to our volunteers.

Through learning about Scottish women’s history, volunteers will develop invaluable heritage transferable skills such as archive skills, object handling, oral history recording, creative writing, exhibition design, photography, storytelling and much more. We will support ethnic minority women including new migrants, refugee and asylum-seeking women living in Glasgow to access volunteering, education and employment within the heritage sector, as well as to become more confident, make new friends and learn more about the city.

Thistles & Dandelions volunteers will make heritage in Glasgow more accessible to  multicultural visitors by sharing their new skills and knowledge with our diverse service users and the wider community through leading a series of multilingual, accessible community engagement activities.