Thistles & Dandelions Project exhibition
‘Heritage at Home’ is now at GoMA

Working in partnership with some of Scotland’s finest heritage institutions, participants in the Thistles & Dandelions project are exploring the history of Glasgow’s women over the last 50–100 years, while developing valuable heritage skills and experience. With a focus on empowering BAME women, this project aims to ensure that the next generation of museum and heritage professionals represent the diversity of Scotland’s population. 

The 23 women who volunteer on the project come to Glasgow from all over the world: Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, Iraq, Italy, France, Barbados, Kurdistan, Scotland and England. In these past months, they have met digitally to share experiences, learn new skills, and develop their passion for culture and women’s empowerment.

This exhibition is the first big milestone in this journey. Alongside the GoMA Learning & Access team, the group have co-curated this exhibition, as a response to GoMa’s  ‘Domestic Bliss’ exhibition (Gallery 4). The objects selected aim to highlight women’s history and women’s contributions to their households and communities. They tell stories about domestic labour, feminism, and intimate relationships, but most of all, they hold a deep personal meaning to each of these women.