TLCCP Cycling Stories: ‘My Little Pony’

The Low Carbon Community Project Coordinator Lisa Boonsanong is sharing her story about the youngest participant in TLCCP Cycling Classes. 

mum cycling-01

My most memorable day with the women cycling was one day when a participant arrived with her young 2 year old daughter.

There were 6 women cycling that day so the mother went to learn how to cycle and I took care of her daughter. I asked the girls name but sadly forgot… As soon as her mother was out of sight the girl started to cry, but as a mother of 2 I had a backup plan.

A My Little Pony toy in my backpack! This toy was a saviour and the crying stopped instantly. Me and the little girl had great fun playing in the park and her mother had an amazing time cycling and they both left with great big smiles on their faces and the little girl clutching her new My Little Pony!