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In November 2020 we launched our online exhibition in partnership with GoMA. Titled Heritage at Home, it is a collection of personal objects and their stories put together by Thistles & Dandelions volunteers.

The objects were chosen after a series of workshops with the GoMA Learning & Access team, and worked with themes of Domestic Bliss, the exhibition currently on display in Gallery 4 at GoMA.

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In the period of between lockdown restrictions, our group visited the Gallery in socially distanced pairs and had the chance to feedback about how they engaged with the Domestic Bliss exhibition. Over a series of workshops online we learned about the planning and organisation, the curatorial choices and the technical skills needed to develop and install an exhibition. We had sessions on writing labels and descriptions, how to make it accessible and how to work within the constricting word counts.

The selection of objects when displayed collectively draws out themes of women’s history and  contributions to their households and communities. They tell stories of domestic labour and feminism, public and private space, and intimate relationships, but most importantly they hold deep personal meaning to each member of the Thistles & Dandelions group.

The team at GoMA put our objects together and split them into three common threads that run throughout the collection: Home, Celebrations, and Heirlooms & Family presents. We launched it online via their blog which you can view here.

You can visit the exhibition in person when restrictions ease as part of Curate | Create: Empower Women, where heritage at home will be shown alongside another of EWfC projects, Space to Escape. We can’t wait to see in person the culmination of months of coming together digitally to share experiences, and a passion for culture and women’s empowerment.

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We hope you enjoy the display. If you know what personal object you would curate, please share it with us on twitter or instagram, we would love to see it.

Thank you to everyone’s hard work for putting this together, especially our group of volunteers!

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