Swap Shop Stories: ‘Mama’

The Low Carbon Community Project Coordinator Lisa Boonsanong is sharing her story about one Swap Shop visitor.


”One of my most memorable experiences of the Swap Shop is of an elderly man that spoke no English, but called all of us in the office ‘Mama’.  

He used to come with his fiddle and play music near St Enoch Center. He would come to the Swap Shop weekly and try to explain what clothes he wanted. He would take time to look through and only take a few basic items that he needed.  He was desperate to find a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a warm jacket.

One day while sorting the clothes I found exactly what he needed. I took the item to him as he was playing music, he was overjoyed with happiness!  It touched me so much that just those 2 items of clothing could make a grown make smile so much.

Every day that I pass him playing he smiles and me raises his hands to say thank you and calls me ‘Mama’. ”