What we do

Summary of our main activities

Provisions of training, workshops, advice sessions, coaching and mentoring will be delivered and developed to impact in women’s and communities lives with the following:

Life prospects

  • Enable women to have the tools to change their own lives and better their own prospects.
  • Workshops and training for the advancement of health and healthy living.
  • Provide mechanisms to uplift services users from existing poverty.
  • The workshops and programmes providing skills development that will improve knowledge and make women more educated, thus improve women’s opportunities to access to further education.

Community Engagement

  • Training to enable women, to play an active role in alleviating poverty, and improving sustainability.
  • Managing, supporting and promoting cultural integration projects for the wider community.
  • Conducting seminars and workshops on environmental awareness and managing climate change.
  • The SCIO shall carry out International Development programmes and activities in less-developed countries that enable African women and communities to be confident and equipped with all the above-mentioned tools and skills for transformation, regeneration and livelihood sustainability.

Job opportunities

  • Ensure that the women are able to develop their skills and improve their employability prospects.
  • The up-skilled service users will improve skills, personally and professionally and become more employable and have a better understanding of how to access opportunities in the job market.
  • Lead to an increase in confidence and self-esteem and a greater employability.
  • Providing women with the opportunities and platform to become financially secure in their own right and be more appealing to employers thereby relieving poverty.
  • Supporting African youth and women entrepreneurs.